SOL Tuesday Always a writer…

As I read through slices from today, a memory from my past was triggered by a comment in Stacey’s slice that you can find below.

She included a quote about writing from the book, Becoming by Michelle Obama. Michelle said she got the writing habit from her husband, Barack because he kept journals over the years.

I remember being about 9 when I wrote in a homemade journal about my days at school. I folded the papers and slipped them under my mattress. Of course when it was time to change the sheets, my Mom found the papers and read what I had written. I was embarrased but continued to write in my journals throughout the years, similar to President Obama.

My purpose for journals evolved over time. As a teacher, I feld powerful when I could refer to my journal to support my instrutional choices. More recenly I’ve taught teachers to show their students how to keep a journal to demonstrate their learning. I’ve been using a modified Bullet Journal for several years. The idea was developed by Ryder Carrol. Read about it here:

I like having all the information in one place rather than keeping my information in several different spots. In my experience journals can provide a wealth of useful information. I don’t have any of my early journals, but I love spending a rainy afternoon perusing a 2 year old journal I might happen upon.

8 thoughts on “SOL Tuesday Always a writer…

  1. You were a born writer. I love that you recall writing at a very young age and kept journals. That would actually be a great elementary classroom presentation to encourage kids to write in journals. Or maybe a writing club??? You’d be the perfect one to lead it! 🙂

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  2. That’s a revelation to me. I have always kept some form of a journal. Writing and writing in my youth and now chronicling my collaboration with colleagues, writing ideas while they are still fresh. I never once considered that writing or honestly, me a writer. Perhaps I need to rethink that.

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