#SOL2019 Day 1 Patriarch

We are struggling to accept he fact that he is gone from us. He lived a long full life of 94 years. But that does not make this easier for us. He was independent to his last breath, getting his medicine and grocery shopping at 2 different stores in a city 25 minutes away from home just to get the best bargains.

As he was heading home, something, possibly an aneurysm, caused him to miss his turn, drive across 2 lanes of traffic, drive at an angle through the median, drive across 2 lanes avoiding any oncoming traffic, cut across an outer road and come to a stop, mired in the soft dirt next to a stop sign. It was amazing that he did not hit another car.

We are a close knit family of 3 sons, 1 daughter, 8 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. Several of us met at the hospital to wait to see him. But that did not happen. After we realized he did not survive, we couldn’t leave. We sat for hours, waiting, talking, calling family and friends.

Yesterday the children and spouses met to schedule the event to celebrate and honor his life. The family met at his house afterward and friends provided an abundance of food. We shared lots of happy memories as we searched for necessary documents, things such as Army Air Corps discharge papers, car insurance papers, health care providers, etc.

Today we made 5 display boards filled with pictures that document those wonderful memories. The family gathered at the daughter’s house with more good food supplied by friends.

Tomorrow we begin the visitation with extended family, friends and community members. These days have been difficult but we feel the support from a strong family and friends.

10 thoughts on “#SOL2019 Day 1 Patriarch

  1. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You write so dispassionately, yet I can feel your shock and numbness. When your parent lives to such an advanced age, you do begin to feel like he will live forever. Much sympathy, and it is good to hear that you all have good emotional support from family and friends.


  2. My deepest sympathies for all of you. And you are right…it’s never easy to lay one to rest. This is a beautiful tribute, Pat! I love how you all pulled together for comfort…all of you are very special people to me, and the community!

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