#SOL 2019 Day 2

We lost a great man this week: widowed husband married 59 years, Pop to 4, my father-in-law and two other women, Grandpa, great Papa, brother-in-law, uncle…

He was the last of his immediate family of 6. His life was an example for all of us. He taught us how to treat people. He might push the limits and run out of gas, never worried because he said he met the nicest people who came to his rescue.

He taught us to be a close knit family, gathering us to visit parks and picnic where he would barbecue using his special sauce, play games and enjoy being together in nature.

He ran a family business for more that 60 years where most of us worked, the sons and nephew full time and others part time, just to help out. The sons & grandsons are still working there today.

I never knew anyone who could compare to his sense of fairness toward all, his compassion for others and his independence.

He lived his life fully his way til the end.

We want to hear him tell one more story from his past.

We want to make one more trip with him.

We want to share our life with him.

We must wait until we meet again.

Rest In Peace, Neal Holloway.

8 thoughts on “#SOL 2019 Day 2

  1. Sorry for your loss , Patricia. Your writing is beautiful and shows in a very touching way how wonderful Neal was, and how much you will miss him. Your slice is a wonderful way of paying tribute to him. Thanks for sharing.

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