#SOL2019 Day 5

Today involves more mundane actions.

First thing on the schedule was a dentist appointment to replace a filling. When we arrived, I thought it looked extremely busy. The receptionist said, “Your appointment is tomorrow.” We need to get it together.

My husband and I both said we thought it was the 5th. She told us the dentist would be busy for another hour if we wanted them to work him in. We both said, “No, that’s not necessary.” We will do this again tomorrow.

We headed toward the site where the accident occurred. Doctors believe he had an aneursym and could not manage to control the car. The median is still marred where his car crossed. We are still trying to understand.

Then we grabbed some breakfast and picked up a couple items from the grocery store.

Next we drove back home, filled the truck with fuel, collected our mail and visited with his brothers at the family business. While there I called a credit card company to cancel my father-in-law’s credit card. The brothers showed me where they started a file containing all the necessary documents up to this point. I added the information about my call to the already thick file. Oh, I really need to simplify my own finances.

We met with a former classmate and her husband for lunch. He is a pastor and wanted to encourage my husband. During this past week my husband prayed and received salvation. I know this isn’t mundane, but it feels as though we are going through the motions of life.

We then visited his sister to look at items from the funeral home. They returned all his old (1946) military service discharge documents from 3 branches of service, Air Force, Army and Merchant Marines. My husband read the signatures from visitation. He commented about poor penmanship.

We started a list of things to do: write thank you notes for all who reached out to the family members, check on current bills to be paid, cancel doctor appointments, clean the refrigerator, sort the pictures and give them back to the correct owners…We have much more to add to the list.

Each day is an attempt to put our lives back together.

9 thoughts on “#SOL2019 Day 5

  1. Wow. The contrast you create between the recounting of all the mundane tasks and this terrible tradegy is striking and haunting. I’m so sorry for your loss.

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  2. Hi Patricia – I know what you mean about those mundane tasks, and how hard it is to keep life together after such a loss – like remembering the time of the dentist appointment. You can’t help but be numb, and just walk through the myriad of things that need addressing. You capture this beautifully, and of course, it’s heartbreaking. I wish you peace.


  3. I can tell through your writing many of the emotions you and your husband are dealing with at this time. Your narrative of the “mundane” showed a path toward normalcy. This piece was impactful. I am so sorry for your loss. And, also so grateful for your husband’s salvation in the midst of this tragedy.


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