#SOL2019 Day 11

My thoughts from yesterday as we sorted a few items on my father-in-law’s desk.

Reviewing receipts, documents and records.

Reading between the lines.

Remebering a story about a purchase.

Thoughts surfacing of pleasant times spent together.

Sharing with others who haven’t heard that spin.

Amazed that a piece of paper holds such power

3 thoughts on “#SOL2019 Day 11

  1. I liked this. It was different and made me think of the randomness of my desk. What will people think when they clean it out on some unknow future date?


  2. I love the serendipity of the story in an old piece of paper. We’re cleaning out during this week of March break & finding many stories as we go. It is amazing what a few characters on a piece of paper can bring to mind.

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