#SOL2019 Day 13

Throughout the month of March, I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge, hosted by twowritingteachers.wordpress.com. The month long goal is to write a daily post reflecting on a portion of your day. This is my 8th year to participate. I enjoy reading “slices of life” written by other slicers, connecting with them by commenting, and reflecting on a part of my day. To become a writer one must write, so it makes logical sense to me, I accept this challenge and attempt to write.

Sundays with Grampa and Grandma

Grampa made us our special coffee, with a dash of salt.

Grandma cooked gravy and biscuits

then fixed the lunch basket.

We ate while Grandma was getting dressed,

always wearing her best crystals.

Grampa wore his best hat and put in his teeth.

We dressed quickly and headed to the truck.

Grampa drove us to church, stopping first for the Sunday paper

and Juicy Fruit Gum for us to have during church.

He let us out and parked under a shade tree,

opening his truck door to enjoy the warm sunshine.

Grandma led us inside where everyone was praying.

We watched the clock as it was nearing noon.

Grandma always said if we could listen to the preacher until noon,

the preacher should respect family time after noon.

We were anxious and hurried out the door when dismissed.

Grampa had read the news and was patiently waiting,

We hopped in the truck and Grampa shut his door and began to drive home.

About halfway, he stopped the truck at the bottom of a big hill.

Parked by a shade tree.

and let down the tailgate.

We enjoyed our picnic lunch

then headed to our parents’ house.

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