#SOL2019 Day 25

Pride, not Prize

I was listening to one of my favorite radio stations while driving to work this morning, the Pulse. The QOD, question of the day was, “Who was the knighted pianist who pose album from the 80s used his real name?” I knew! But it was too late for me to call in. The first person with the correct answer qualifies for pride, not prize of the day.

A bit later the guy was telling about his friend’s wife who won lots of money playing a slot machine. He invited listeners to call in with their stories of big gambling wins. I dialed the number, but usually don’t get through. I got through! I waited, the guy came on the phone and I told him my wining gambling story.

I turned the radio down while I talked with him. When we hung up, I turned it back up to listen, not sure my story would be aired. I was just arriving at my destination when I heard my voice telling my story!

It was a fun addition to the drive that made my day!

Oh! Did you know the answer to the QOD? Sir Elton John.

7 thoughts on “#SOL2019 Day 25

  1. I think it’s cool that you HAD a gambling win story to tell. I’d have nothing to contribute to that broadcast!


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