#SOL2019 Day 28

Three of us with the same first name all married men who are related and have the same last name. We each have a different middle initial, so we usually include that in our signatures. We all live just outside the same rural community of 875. What are the odds?

Because we have been given the meds belonging to another, we always ask the local pharmacist or clerk to check the address to ensure we get the correct meds.

We sometimes hand deliver mail that was mistakenly placed in our mailbox.

Once a department store gave out my credit card number to one of the others who had forgotten her card. It took us months to get that straightened out. I payed for the charges, then I checked the purchases to find I had not bought those items.

Today, I stopped at the family business and my brother-in-law asked me if I was expecting a check. “Oh my, yes.”

He didn’t have it, but the cousin’s wife got it in her mail. “Oh my, this is the second time.”

He said it was a big check so they called him about it. “Oh my, this check was for 3 months of work. ”

Al least it’s all in the family.

7 thoughts on “#SOL2019 Day 28

  1. That sounds like a really complicated life! At least you all are related and the town is very small so you can sort things out. What an unusual coincidence to have three of you with the same name.


  2. I knew there were two but didn’t know there were 3 of you running around town! šŸ™‚ But it appears the problem lies with the postal service not sending the letter to the correct mailbox, am I right? At least your moolah went to family and you eventually received your paycheck! šŸ™‚


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