#SOL Day 29

I had a tight schedule for the day. I sent an email outlining everything I planned to accomplish. I included the tests I would need, times, the students, rooms etc. Then after consulting with the others, it was decided to administer three more sub tests. That would require 15 more minutes per student.

I’m reminded of the phrase about the best of plans. That’s how it went. In the first hour I was behind schedule. Some things can’t be ignored. Testing must halt when the student requires a bathroom break.

But the 3rd grade student was a trooper. She questioned me, “Do you want me to put the letters in abc order too?” She commented, “well technically, these two are opposites, not alike at all.” She was concerned about her performance, but not too much.

I went to pick up the next 3rd grader, but she was in the library, checking out books. I tried to help her select 3 books, hoping to speed up the process. She had her card with her levels and a red place holder. It was hard to find the correct color. She knew where the books were, she was selective choosing what she wanted to read. That took about 15 minutes of our testing session. We worked for 30 minutes, then it was her lunch time. I took her to lunch with her class and we agreed to start again after lunch. She was interesting. When the listening skills got more difficult, she told me, “I’m just like my dad. He forgets what he was going to say. My brain is doing the same thing.” She made up stories to explain how two items were alike. I asked her if she wrote stories. She smiled and told me that she did like to write stories.

When I went to get next student, I discovered that he had checked out earlier because he was sick. That freed up time in my schedule.

I had a quick lunch as I scored the tests.

I never know what to expect, usually a rambunctious child with Mom watching. And I had to locate the test. It wasn’t where it should have been. Then I remembered that the middle school counselor told me she had it. It took 15 minutes to get it in my hands. Whew, it was time to meet the 4 year old.

This little guy was so great. He mentioned the name of several shapes that surprised me: oval, square, triangle… he is 4 and I wasn’t asking for that info. He responded to my asking which one? with: “it’s number 5, or number 4. He recognized numbers. I wasn’t asking for that info.

I had a good day. Testing was complete.

4 thoughts on “#SOL Day 29

  1. Is there ever a day when things go as we planned? I don’t think I’ve EVER had one that did! That’s the way things go in the world of educating children. 🙂 ~JudyK

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