Blowing in the Wind

Time to mow

I love looking at the grasses growing on our hill farm. It looks messy and full of weeds but it provides wildlife habitat. We no longer grow crops on this plot. Several years ago we signed up 11 acres for a conservation program designed to control erosion, improve water quality and create habitat for grassland game bird species. Quail love the edges of the grasses and they are done nesting. So it’s time for us to manage the land and mow the grasses. We mowed around the Butterfly Milkweed, leaving it to attract butterflies and other pollinators.

Twice we planted acorns but the rodents ate it all. The walnut saplings we planted on the back 5 acres took root and have really grown. The trees overlap the rows, making good hiding spots for white tail deer.

Walnut grove

Upon reflection, I can not help but wonder how fast our lives are. To live and see grown trees that we have planted is truly a miracle.

2 thoughts on “Blowing in the Wind

  1. My favorite was always when the fields were full of wildflowers before cutting, so I truly enjoyed your photo. And your black walnuts are really doing well! I enjoyed your country connection this morning! 🙂


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