Slice of Life March 1, 2020

Letting Go of Treasures/Memories

Today is Day 1 of the Slice of Life Challenge. It is a daily writing challenge during the month of March, hosted by I am inspired to be a part of this supportive writing community!

I recently read an article about ageing and how to ensure your house doesn’t become “grandma’s house”. I was ok with some of the suggestions: don’t use a fuzzy toilet seat cover, don’t hang frilly curtains… However, my husband and I recently added some of his parents’ collections of furniture, dishes and unusual items such as a juke box and slot machine. We are trying to find places in our home for these treasures, but I think it is beginning to look like a lot like “grandma’s house” .

I grabbed a box and started putting items that I could let go, going room to room. I finished 3 rooms and the box only had about 5 small items in it. This is harder than it should be. We are collectors. I feel they are not things, but memories. We are not as severe as his parents. Yet. It is getting crowded. Our son just bought a house so he is planning to take some things.

I will continue going through things in hopes I can donate them to someone who needs them. I retired from education (admin) 14 years ago and finally donated those suits to GoodWill this past summer.

11 thoughts on “Slice of Life March 1, 2020

  1. It’s so hard to get rid of things that are associated with memories! I’ve always been more of a “get rid of everything!” person, but a few years ago, my mom gave me a bag full of stuff from when I was in primary school – a sweater, some of my “published” writing pieces, and a few pieces of art. Now that I have a child, it made me think about how to balance keeping our place less cluttered but also making room to hold those sorts of tangible memories!


  2. I like “grandma’s house.” I have that same fear, however it is so hard to let go of some things. I have been really trying to purge, but the struggle is real! Good luck.


  3. As a recent retiree, I too have been decluttering, and it is a challenge when items hold such great memories. I can see some of your treasures becoming topics for some wonderful slices of writing and look forward to reading more of your posts.


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