Slice of Life 2020 Day 24 An Etheree


Lisa inspired me by her post at Literacy on the Mind to attempt to write an etheree. I had forgotten about this kind of structure. The poem has 10 lines, beginning with one syllable and adding a syllable to each line as the poem progresses.


In the breeze

From the Ocean

As the tide rushes

People enjoy carefree

Relaxation on the beach

Playing games, collecting seashells

Distant worries return to restful minds

7 thoughts on “Slice of Life 2020 Day 24 An Etheree

  1. I too have never heard of an etheree. But I would love to try one and challenge my students to do the same. This is peaceful and lovely filled with beautiful images. Thank you!


  2. Thank you, Patricia. I learned a new poetry form today too. I’ll give it a try and maybe add it to my repertoire for the poetry books we write.


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