Slice of Life 2020 Day 30

Thanks goes to Raivenne-lations, I borrowed the idea from her post:

The ABCs of Me

Age- 68, tho I often think I’m younger

Broadway – I’ve never been to a Broadway show, or NY City. See F

Cats – 0 now, but I once became the mother for 6 kittens. Such relief when they finally started eating on their own!

Dogs – 0 now, lost our precious Golden in November & she is with us always. Lots of great memories.

Essential start of my day – exercise then coffee. I will work for coffee!

Fabulous Fox Theater – I’ve seen shows at the Fox in St. Louis: Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable, Nutcracker Ballet…

Grossest thing youve eaten – Rocky Mountain Oysters before I knew what they were.

Height – 5’2”

Instruments you played – I took lessons for guitar and piano as an adult. Once I was 1 of three teachers and the principal as we played our guitars in front of the whole elementary school

Job Title – currently Psychological Examiner

Kids – 1 adopted ( and I was adopted)

Longest relationship – 50 years with my best friend/husband.

Most favorite movie – True Grit, the old version & the one with Robert Redford & Paul Newman (I forget the name)

Night owl- not normally but during this pandemic I stay up late most every night. It was 3 am when I went to bed last week.

Overnight hospital stays – never, only one night in the ER and one day as an outpatient during a discectemy.

Pet peeve – social media posts that brag

Quiet time activity – reading, writing, drawing, word puzzles, solitaire

Right or left handed – left

Siblings – 3 sisters, 1 brother. I’m the oldest

Top 5 desserts – pecan pie, German chocolate cake, cheese cake, blackberry cobbler, & homemade fudge

University– Southeast Missouri State, University of Missouri – Columbia

Vacation – beach trips, Yosemite, Dinosaur National Park, Steamboat Springs, Badlands, Belize, Saguaro National Park…

Worship – My grandma always took me to church with her. She wasn’t particular about the denomination, just that they had worship services. I’ve followed her lead.

X-box – nope

Yard – we mow 2 acres, have sheds, trees, a pond and bush hog 30+.

Zodiac sign – Capricorn ( Earth, Saturn)

And that’s a wrap!


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