Egg Hunt

They arrived!

Chick leader announced, “Finally! We should find the biggest eggs ever. We must watch out for dangerous Aliens.”

“But aren’t we the aliens here? Our eggscelent spaceship looks like an Easter egg”, Sulee said.

Jaja impatiently pleaded, “Come on guys! We must find the prized golden egg before dark.”

Chick leader bawked orders, “Let’s look in different places. Sulee, take two chicks and look under those rocks. Jaja, come with me. Earle, take the baby chicks on a walk. Let’s all meet back here at exactly 14 hundred hours.”

While the chicks were searching for the eggs, a fluffle of bunnies happened upon the giant pink eggscelent spaceship.

Bunny leader approached cautiously, “ Hey, what’s this?”

Peter answered, “It looks like a prize egg.”

Bugs added, “Let’s tip it over and roll it home.”

At 14 hundred hours the chicks returned to the site and began searching for their eggscelent spaceship.

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