Tuesday Slice of Life

I’m writing this as a slice of my life during the pandemic. I started a Mask Making project in late March. I’ve made 58 masks. I had to take a break after making about 20 because the sewing hurt my hands. After taking a few days off, I started again. I kept one for me and one for my husband and sent masks to family and friends all over the country. It gave me the feeling that I was doing what I could to help. It gave me purpose during this pandemic. Until I began writing this, I didn’t realize the effort it took me. I mailed more today.

Step 1. Watch various videos.

Step 2. Select the best design and pattern. I liked one done by The Fabric Patch.

Step 3. Watch the video closer to understand the specific details in construction. I watched all 3 of her videos many times, starting & stopping at critical points.

Step 4. Gather the necessary materials from my quilting stash. I have lots of cotton but have only made a few quilt blocks, never a whole quilt. (Except for a t-shirt quilt for my son.

Step 5. Select complimentary materials for inside and outside of masks. I found several different ones, but none with cars that my husband ask for.

Step 6. Find non woven material to fit between the front and back of each mask.

Step 7. Search for something to use for a nose bridge. I found that the plastic strip that seals bags of coffee works perfectly!

Step 8. Print patterns in 4 sizes and cut out several for each size.

Step 9. Layer the pieces with right sides together and the non woven material on the outside of each then sew the pieces together.

Step 10. Watch a couple videos again. I needed some hand holding.

Step 11. Use a seam ripper when wrong sides are sewn together.

Step 12. After sewing two sides together, add the nose piece. I tried using a zig zag stitch but broke several needles so I had to stitch these in by hand.

Step 14. Sew the front and back together on top and bottom.

Step 15. Turn the mask right side out and use fingers to press the seams.

Step 16. Fold the ends to the inside. As you stitch up these two edges add either a strip of elastic, or 2 shoelaces cut in half, or 18 inch long strips of fabric for ties.

Step 17. Send finished masks to friends & relatives that need them.

Pic of the flexible plastic for nose

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