A finished Project

Two years ago our small painting group started working on learning to paint like Van Gogh by attempting one of his famous paintings, Starry Night. My interest with Van Gogh started long before that. I’ve been enamored by Van Gogh’s paintings every since a college professor introduced his work to me during my first semester in 1974. For an assignment in English, I completed a research paper about Van Gogh and learned intimate details about his life. I’ve always had a copy of Sunflowers or the Cafe Terrace at Night hanging on a wall in my house.

One Christmas my son gave me a book about Vincent Van Gogh, one that I treasure. A few years ago a small group began gathering at my loft to paint together. We used You Tube video teachers to help us. When one teacher offered a lesson on Van Gogh, studying how he painted was a natural progression. Here was my beginning and where we stopped.

Then one friend suggested she and I finish ours. I hunted and found the YouTube Video by Ginger Cook. We completed them separately this week and shared online.

I’m really happy with our results, so much that I may try another, the Cafe Terrace at Night with help from Ginger Cook

9 thoughts on “A finished Project

  1. It’s neat how a passion can serve as a thread that weaves its way through so much of our life. I’m glad you have Van Gogh as one of your threads, I’m glad you finished your picture, and I’m glad you shared it with us!

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