Picture Book Book Review

The story of the agricultural movement

This book tells the story of rural farmers across America who stood together to combat low prices for their crops, unfair legislation and lack of support from the government and urban communities. I ordered two of these picture books so I could keep one and share one with a great nephew.

I was touched by the writing and pictures. I’ll try to explain why it meant so much to me. I began teaching at Puxico Elementary in 1977. My Mom passed in the spring of 1978, leaving our family devastated. I’m the oldest, two younger sisters were in college, one sister a high school senior and our brother was 11. My Dad lost himself in his life work of farming. Gramps, my Mom’s Dad, helped Dad every day. My husband took off work from his family hardware and lumber business to help my Dad prepare the land and plant the crops. My Dad’s brother drove a tractor. Our neighbor, a teacher helped them after school and on weekends. My brother was out there too. Farming together was how we made it through the rough times.

The American Agricultural Movement (AAM) was gathering momentum. All of us were a large part of the group. I remember my husband and I playing our guitars with a group as entertainment at a meeting. My Dad and uncle were active in the group. In our small, rural community the Ag Movement was the main event for several years.

When I saw the picture on page 14, it took my breath because the tractor in the picture was from the small rural community, Puxico MO. In front of the tractor is a poster of all the contributors for the movement. If you look closely, which is what I did, I saw my Dad’s name, my uncle’s name, the name of my husband’s family business and many of our neighbors.

Tractor from Puxico MO

This author provides an informative timeline of events from the decade. Additional pictures from the era provide a glimpse of the events during this trying time. I recommend purchasing a copy of Farmers Unite if you are looking for a piece of history.

5 thoughts on “Picture Book Book Review

  1. This post–so heartfelt–reminds me that all the stories we experience and tell become our personal/family/community/national histories. How special to find one of yours in this book! Thank you so much for sharing.

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