Painting Reference

Last night I was trying to paint a vase with flower, stems and bushes without much success. I wanted the painting to look more realistic but I was just making circles attached to sticks. I put everything away and left the painting unfinished. Today while outside a bushy bush caught my eye. It looked to be a perfect reference for what I wanted to achieve. I stopped to take a picture, now I can try to make the buds more realistic. It will help me know where to place the stems. I’m reminded of the Fibonacci sequence, I could have used the spiral in Fibonacci sequence to create a pattern for the leaves and stems. The Fibonacci sequence is often called “nature’s secret code” because the arrangement of many tree leaves and flowers follows the numbers found in the Fibonacci sequence. I could have used that but a picture makes it much simpler. I can’t wait to rework that painting!

Crepe Myrtle bush

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