#SOL 2021 Day 8

Today would have been my Dad’s 90th birthday, but he passed almost 11 years ago. My Mom passed 43 years ago, a lifetime.

Today’s Dad’s birthday

He was born in Windy March

Born in Arkansas

Moved to Missouri

Working the cotton fields

Served in Korea

Used the GI Bill

To purchase acres of land

For growing soybeans

Loved to dance and sing

And take care of his family

Til the day he passed

October he died

At the young age of eighty

Joining loving wife

Leaving five orphans

Missing them both terribly

Til we meet again

5 thoughts on “#SOL 2021 Day 8

  1. I love the words you choose, like “growing” to show all the things he brought to bear all the way to leaving and missing. The word “orphan” especially caught me; a word full of grief and loss, a beautiful way to bring us to the hope at the end of this piece.

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