#SOL2021 Day 9

Have you ever tried a new place in the spur of the moment?

Today we took a day trip with some of the time driving the back roads. We always enjoy traveling at a slower pace and looking for unusual sights. At lunch time we saw a different looking restaurant named the Flash Cafe, so we turned around and parked to go inside.

It was quaint and clean. Tables were seated apart to allow for social distancing.

They had a daily special for $6.95: Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, liver dumplings and a salad. And they had a club sandwich & fries for the same price.

My husband ordered the club on a croissant and I ordered the lunch special because I’d never heard of liver dumplings and I wanted to try them. I make chicken and dumplings but had not eaten any in a long time because I’m trying to eat healthy (avoiding flour, breads & sugar)

While we waited we looked at the old pictures decorating the dining area. I saw an award they had received for their liver dumplings. So I was pleased with my order.

Oh my! I loved the salad. The dressing was homemade and delicious! But it tasted a bit sweet. I readily notice sugar in foods since I’ve cut most of it out.

Then my meal was served. I was surprised when I saw the dumplings. I think they should be called a different name. They were nothing like the dumplings I’d ever seen before. But they were tasty! My tummy was quickly filling up. I tried eating one piece of chicken, a few bites of the potatoes and liver dumplings. Since I stopped eating flour I also notice how full I feel when I eat it.

I took the larger piece of chicken home with me. I couldn’t bear to leave it. The club sandwich was also delicious. And we left happy with our decision to stop there.

5 thoughts on “#SOL2021 Day 9

  1. How fun that you stopped randomly to try a new place! You’re brave – I think I would have avoided the special because of the “liver” dumplings. My husband gets so annoyed that I like adventure in my cuisine LOL.

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