#SOL2021 Day 17

I have a feral cat who took up residence at my house during this bad winter.

Early on he wanted to walk between my feet so I tried to pet his ear and he bit my finger.

He left but came back a few days later mewing and walking with a hurt paw. I felt sorry for him and got him some food.

He comes and leaves on his own. He stays in the old dog house and that’s where I feed him.

Another day I was getting him some food, I didn’t set him down quickly enough because when I placed the dish of food in front of him he bit me again. He really bit hard on my knuckles.

Oh, I’m not a cat person and this guy was making it harder to like him.

Now when I feel him I quickly drop the dish. He wants to get close but I’m not taking any more chances.

I’ve caught him curled up on my patio cushions. I don’t like that but our weather is not good enough for me to be out there so I let him recline on my cushions.

I’m going to put a stop to this soon.

7 thoughts on “#SOL2021 Day 17

  1. Yikes! I’m not a cat person either, but they can be manipulative little things. I liked the way your piece covered your fundamental compassion and hesitation regarding this fledgling relationship.


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