#SOL2021 Day 24

I’m jumping on the bandwagon and trying to write this form of telling you who I am.

Depending on when you met me I might have been:

an only child, a 5 year old wanting to write in cursive, an egg gatherer, a hog waterer, a cotton picker, a cowgirl, a tomboy, a cousin, a big sister, a bike rider, a reluctant reader, a licensed driver, a factory worker, a wife, a home owner, a college student, a student of nature, a crafter, a teacher, a library board member, a writer, a farm owner, a researcher, a psychological examiner, a cross stitcher, a mom, a Halloween costume maker, a counselor, a reader, a researcher, a speaker, a lifelong learner, a professional development provider, a principal, a consultant, a college instructor, a bug collector, a stream team member, a painter, a quilt maker and a retired educator who works part time as a psych examiner.

I probably should try to revise this another day…..

8 thoughts on “#SOL2021 Day 24

  1. That’s a cool form. The sentiment reminds me of the short story “Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros, with its birthday-girl protagonist who talks about carrying all of her different ages with her at the same time.


  2. It is so fun to read the variety. I love that it was (or at least it seemed like it was) roughly chronological. That made it feel like we were seeing subtle shifts in your life over the years–that was fun to see. A hint of a biography!

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