#SOL2021 Day 28 Golden Shovel Poetry

I missed writing for two days. I’d been so dedicated. But I seemed to get lost. I read a book about a woman who fell, bumped her head and forgot 10 years of her life. I could not get it out of my mind and I even felt her confusion, so much that I could not focus on writing anything. I finished the book last night and my mind is clearer. Today I read a post about writing a golden shovel poem. I love the challenge of writing to specific, new guidelines so I’m writing a golden shovel poem.

Here is the link to the SOL where I first discovered this type of writing poetry: Golden Shovel Poetry

I subscribe to A Poem a Day. I used a line from today’s poem, The seder’s order because it is Psalm Sunday, always a special day in my memory of going to church with Grandma.

Here is the line I chose:

The songs string us like beads on the hour.

Read my poem below. I had to put us at the end instead of using it as a subject of the sentence! I just could not break that rule of grammar, even in a poem.

The old rugged cross, amazing grace and I’ll fly away

Songs in my heart

String me straight back to my childhood

Taking all of us

Like we sat

Beads in a row

On the strike of twelve

The preaching stopped

Hour at end

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