SOL #2022 Day 24

Playing Wordle, finally.

I like playing word games. Well, I like some word games. I’m good at Wordscapes but I’m not good at Words2 with friends. I know Wordle is the rage now so I thought I’d try it. I thought it was an app. I tried to download an app but couldn’t find it. My son, the app developer told me it was a daily puzzle. My friend, the adventuress told me I could find it on the New Your Times page. Yesterday I found Wordle and tried to work the word puzzle. I kept going back to the example. I was only understanding the literal directions and struggled. It took me 2 days to figure out how to play this word game, Wordle. This picture shows how long it took me to guess the word today, my second day at it. Ok, maybe I can try again tomorrow!

Wordle 278 5/6


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