#SOL2021 Day 18

When I was in high school at the end of the school year, we would write in each other’s yearbook. Sometimes I was embarrassed by the writing, other times I might find a sweet memory. One classmate wrote a poem that I never understood until more recently. I always remembered the poem and today it seems to fit how I feel about writing a SOL today:

Can’t think

Brain dumb

Inspiration won’t come

Ink poor pen

I forgotten the last line but this is how my brain feels currently.

#SOL2021 Day 17

I have a feral cat who took up residence at my house during this bad winter.

Early on he wanted to walk between my feet so I tried to pet his ear and he bit my finger.

He left but came back a few days later mewing and walking with a hurt paw. I felt sorry for him and got him some food.

He comes and leaves on his own. He stays in the old dog house and that’s where I feed him.

Another day I was getting him some food, I didn’t set him down quickly enough because when I placed the dish of food in front of him he bit me again. He really bit hard on my knuckles.

Oh, I’m not a cat person and this guy was making it harder to like him.

Now when I feel him I quickly drop the dish. He wants to get close but I’m not taking any more chances.

I’ve caught him curled up on my patio cushions. I don’t like that but our weather is not good enough for me to be out there so I let him recline on my cushions.

I’m going to put a stop to this soon.

#SOL2021 Day 16

I’m struggling with what to wear

yoga pants are not acceptable in public

regular jeans won’t do

too old for my kind of jeans

faded, fitted and body hugging

loose fitting pants make me look frumpy

what should an old lady do?

#SOL2021 Day 15

I tried writing a 6 word story today. And challenged my critique group. They are always so encouraging to me.

Growing older changes aches, time slows.

…I’m having more aches than usual and it was on my mind…

Aging changes things, new life purpose.

…thinking about how retirement turns you around…

Writing stories to entertain and educate.

…finally, one that explains what I’m trying now…

#SOL2021 Day 14

After reading another writer, I’m trying to write in a perspective from a backwards POV, finding it difficult.

Currently I’m thinking of planning a 70th birthday celebration for my husband. And I owe it all to the following…

Before that we got our second COVID vaccine.

Before that we thought the second event was cancelled due to bad weather. We took a chance and drove the hour trip and they were going ahead with the vaccination!

Before that we found the sign up for the second vaccine.

Before that we were ecstatic because we were at least 50% resistant. The health care workers were fabulous, no waiting in line.

Thirty days before that we drove an hour to get our first COVID vaccine.

Two days before that we signed up online for our first COVID vaccine.

Does any of this make sense? It’s really hard to write backwards…

#SOL2021 Day 12

We have a huge motor home for sale.

Back story – Several years ago my husband went to an auction with his dad. His dad, a retired truck driver, took extended trips with his motor home. He knew the motor home being auctioned was good quality and encouraged my husband to buy it. After being high bidder, my husband had his dad drive it home.

My husband would practice driving it up and down our long driveway, but he was uncomfortable about taking a trip. He reviewed the thick manuals at night after work. Finally he backed it in the shed and stored it in there.

After my husband retired we looked at shorter motor homes (25 feet). I didn’t want to buy a second one til we could sell the first one. We didn’t try very hard to sell it, only telling a few friends.

Currently – I finally decided to list it on an RV site. I took pictures and gathered all the details so I could write an advertisement.

I had a couple people tell me the price was too high, I ignored them. Finally an 82 year old lady called me about it. She was really interested in it because she had previously owned a similar one. She can’t come to look at it til mid March. I told her I would not sell it before she could check it out. My husband is concerned about selling it to her because… well you know, she is old, she doesn’t need to be driving it on her own…

This week a friend brought one of his friends to look at it. This guy is a retired truck driver. He is very comfortable driving a 38 ft. bus. They really liked it.

Future – We need to wait til the first lady can see it because I told her we would wait for her before we sold it.

Back to where we started!