#SOL2021 Day 12

We have a huge motor home for sale.

Back story – Several years ago my husband went to an auction with his dad. His dad, a retired truck driver, took extended trips with his motor home. He knew the motor home being auctioned was good quality and encouraged my husband to buy it. After being high bidder, my husband had his dad drive it home.

My husband would practice driving it up and down our long driveway, but he was uncomfortable about taking a trip. He reviewed the thick manuals at night after work. Finally he backed it in the shed and stored it in there.

After my husband retired we looked at shorter motor homes (25 feet). I didn’t want to buy a second one til we could sell the first one. We didn’t try very hard to sell it, only telling a few friends.

Currently – I finally decided to list it on an RV site. I took pictures and gathered all the details so I could write an advertisement.

I had a couple people tell me the price was too high, I ignored them. Finally an 82 year old lady called me about it. She was really interested in it because she had previously owned a similar one. She can’t come to look at it til mid March. I told her I would not sell it before she could check it out. My husband is concerned about selling it to her because… well you know, she is old, she doesn’t need to be driving it on her own…

This week a friend brought one of his friends to look at it. This guy is a retired truck driver. He is very comfortable driving a 38 ft. bus. They really liked it.

Future – We need to wait til the first lady can see it because I told her we would wait for her before we sold it.

Back to where we started!

#SOL2021 Day 11

For March 11, I have a list of eleven things I love about spring. What do you live about spring?

  • Longer hours of daylight
  • Sounds of peepers
  • Scent of wild onions
  • Cool early mornings
  • Clear skies
  • School year busy marching toward the end
  • Garden planning
  • SOL Challenge
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • New beginnings
  • Birthdays

#SOL2021 Day 10

I procrastinated writing today.

Instead I wrote a report.

I thought an idea would come.

Instead I watched a webinar.

I tried reading lots of SOL posts to get ideas.

Instead I helped my husband with a cleaning project.

I lots my reading and writing focus.

Instead I watched Netflix.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a more focused day!

#SOL2021 Day 9

Have you ever tried a new place in the spur of the moment?

Today we took a day trip with some of the time driving the back roads. We always enjoy traveling at a slower pace and looking for unusual sights. At lunch time we saw a different looking restaurant named the Flash Cafe, so we turned around and parked to go inside.

It was quaint and clean. Tables were seated apart to allow for social distancing.

They had a daily special for $6.95: Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, liver dumplings and a salad. And they had a club sandwich & fries for the same price.

My husband ordered the club on a croissant and I ordered the lunch special because I’d never heard of liver dumplings and I wanted to try them. I make chicken and dumplings but had not eaten any in a long time because I’m trying to eat healthy (avoiding flour, breads & sugar)

While we waited we looked at the old pictures decorating the dining area. I saw an award they had received for their liver dumplings. So I was pleased with my order.

Oh my! I loved the salad. The dressing was homemade and delicious! But it tasted a bit sweet. I readily notice sugar in foods since I’ve cut most of it out.

Then my meal was served. I was surprised when I saw the dumplings. I think they should be called a different name. They were nothing like the dumplings I’d ever seen before. But they were tasty! My tummy was quickly filling up. I tried eating one piece of chicken, a few bites of the potatoes and liver dumplings. Since I stopped eating flour I also notice how full I feel when I eat it.

I took the larger piece of chicken home with me. I couldn’t bear to leave it. The club sandwich was also delicious. And we left happy with our decision to stop there.

#SOL 2021 Day 8

Today would have been my Dad’s 90th birthday, but he passed almost 11 years ago. My Mom passed 43 years ago, a lifetime.

Today’s Dad’s birthday

He was born in Windy March

Born in Arkansas

Moved to Missouri

Working the cotton fields

Served in Korea

Used the GI Bill

To purchase acres of land

For growing soybeans

Loved to dance and sing

And take care of his family

Til the day he passed

October he died

At the young age of eighty

Joining loving wife

Leaving five orphans

Missing them both terribly

Til we meet again

#SOL2021 Day 7

That feeling . . . I want to write about a few times in my life in which I felt as though all was right with my world.

Have you ever gone somewhere, a new place and felt at home? I got an eerie feeling when I visited a distance cousin who lived near where my Grandfather grew up. The feeling was unusual, but I felt his presence in this place.

When I started taking classes for an advanced degree in Guidance & Counseling, I felt as though I’d found my niche. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the self-concept and how to bolster sense of self. I felt it was my opportunity to work on my feelings of inadequacy, to accept who I was. It was a joyous feeling.

And then I learned how to listen to clients. To show them you’ve heard them, you can repeat what you thought you heard by paraphrasing. It was natural for me. I’m not a person who asks lots of questions, I prefer to let the person talk and tell what he or she wants me to know. I felt that I was a natural fit.

When I became a high school counselor, I was a bit nervous. I worried about handling the job. But that first year was amazing. The students’ expressions of appreciation were overwhelming. They were so kind to me. They simply needed someone to listen without being critical. I was feeling as though I was on Cloud 9.

#SOL2021 Day 6

I’m going to try to complete my personal story I started in yesterday’s SOL about my name. It may not make much sense. It may be hard to follow. It’s odd how emotional I am while trying to write this even after 60 years.

By age 9, I knew my path into my family was not like my siblings. I’d found documents, overheard conversations and listened to my Grandma enough to realize parts of the story.

One day my birth mother came to visit. I was uncomfortable. I looked like her, not my Mom or siblings. Grandma took me aside to explain the situation.

Grandpa had been married before and had 4 girls. His wife and one baby girl died very young and he needed someone to help raise his 3 daughters. He married Grandma and they had one daughter. Grandpa’s 3rd daughter was my birth mother. Her husband died when I was about 2 and she could not properly care for me. I was taken to a children’s home.

Grandpa and Grandma were living with their daughter (his 4th daughter) while her husband was serving in the army stationed in Korea. The three of them came to the children’s home to visit me. They took pictures of me and sent those to him in Korea.

I now have the pictures. They have writing on the back. It tells him the story about me. They decided to adopt me.

I also have pictures showing how much love I was given. Later they added 4 children. It was hard to talk about but we became a family. Grandpa and Grandma always lived close to us. Wherever we moved, they moved too.

I now have the poorly written letter sent from my birth mother saying she understood that she could not care for me. And that she understood they could raise me. In the letter she called me by my middle name, Janey, the same one I wanted to use when I was a 2nd grader. Did I remember a moment of my former life?

I remember the responsibilities I had. I remember so many things that we did not discuss. Yet I remember the values I was taught; treat everyone with kindness, hard work makes you strong, use what talents you have, take care of your family, try your best, be honest, take care of what you have.

I wonder if Mom always felt a small bit of doubt, did they do the right thing by stepping in? She never mentioned it to me, though. I remember how she curled my hair and made dresses for me to wear to church. We wore jeans alike during the week. She worked so hard to help me catch up in 3rd grade when I missed school due to Chicken Pox and Mumps.

Life gets busy. Paperwork is not always completed. After I found the original birth certificate Mom sent it in to officially change everything to reflect them as my parents and my last name the same as theirs.

Mom always called me by a different middle name, Lou. And my husband always uses that nickname too.

#SOL2021 Day 4

Have it your way

I remember a marketing campaign slogan by a fast food chain restaurant that was, Have it Your Way. The small town close to me doesn’t have any fast food chains but today when we were hurrying to grab a bite for lunch, we stopped at the local market.

They will make a sandwich of your choice of bread, lunch meat, extras, condiments & cheese. I waited in line to place my order. My husband is picky about the thickness of his lunch meat slices so I ask her to make them extra thin. I also ask her to put mustard on both slices of bread. He likes to fold the sandwich into two eating half at a time.

Then came time for me to order mine. I ask for no bread, instead place the turkey pastrami slices & a thin slice of cheese on lettuce and add a bit of mustard.

The ‘sandwiches’ were perfect! The marketing phrase came to mind and I told her, “ Thank you for making it my way!”

#SOL2021 Day 3

Today I met with 3 different students to give them an IQ test. Even though two boys were very close in age they were so very different. One was quiet while the other boy had a comment about everything I ask him to do. It’s interesting how uniquely each person approaches a similar task.

The talkative 8 year old told me I was breaking his brain. I laughed and ask him to keep trying.

He told me I was wearing my watch backwards. I told him I liked to wear it that way so I could quickly look at the watch face.

He ask me who gave me my rings. I told him I bought one and my husband gave me the other one.

He ask if he proposed to me. I told him I was married a long time ago. It’s always been a running joke that we got married during leap year and I was the one who proposed.

He told me his dad pushed his mom down sometimes.

He told me his dad pushed him down one time.

He ask me what color his eyes were. I said they’re the prettiest hazel.

He said his sister’s eyes were hazel.

He showed me where his hand got stuck under a door frame one time.

Now I wonder how we ever finished testing.

No wonder I am exhausted by the time I get home.

#SOL2021 Day 2

Today the special services director texted to ask me if I planned to give the IQ test for her district next year. It was an unexpected question, I had not thought about doing anything different.

But, it occurred to me that I could make changes. I am the kind of person who likes change.

But, I’ve worked for so many years, I don’t know how not to work. I like staying active and learning new things.

But, I enjoy visiting with the school children. Maybe I could learn how to not have a job. I enjoy learning to paint and draw and write.

I think I’m not ready to move on.

I texted her back. I told her I’d be at school tomorrow.

I told her I would work for her next school year.

She texted me a smiley face.