The Dinosaur Family Prepares a Valentines Party

It’s time for the annual Susanna Hill Valentiny writing contest. You can check it out below:

To enter, simply write a Valentines story appropriate for children (children here defined as ages 12 and under) maximum 214 words in which someone feels guilty! Here is my attempt:

Maybe this year would be different.

Dino made a heart-shaped fruit salad. He wanted a valentine.

Dina used pebbles to make a heart-shaped firepit. She wanted a galentine.

The family made 10 heart shaped entrees. They wanted some friends fast.

They took a walk around the neighborhood to meet the neighbors.

Dino saw a radical chopping machine. “That looks promising”, he said.

Dina saw a pile of rocks in the next yard. “That looks promising”, she said.

They spied a climbing set. “That looks promising”, they all chimed.

The last house on the block had curtains pulled closed.

The family turned around and with sad faces, headed home.

Not a shred of nesting was found.

No evidence of fire breathing was seen.

Not one greeting was received.

Dino asked, “Will another Valentine’s Day pass without a real party?”

As they got closer to their house, they saw lots of people.

They heard loud noises.

They smelled fire breathing cooked food.

They ran to check it out.

It looked like a party! It sounded like a party! It smelled like a party!

It is a party!

The neighbors gathered around the family to apologize.

They felt so guilty for keeping the party a secret.

They wanted to surprise and welcome them to neighborhood.