#SliceofLife 2019 Day 18

I just need a deadline!

I’m such a procrastinar. I know it’s bad. I can’t seem to acomplish much without deadlines. I know because retirement has few deadlines. And I’m not accomplishing what I hoped. I seemed to get more done when I was working full time. Anyway, I’m trying to adjust.

I’m taking classes to learn all about writing children’s picture books, something I started working on 7 years ago. I have lots of ideas. I can write a draft and share with my critique group. They give me great suggestions and support. But I don’t progress from there. I don’t get revisions done.

Yesterday I read about a contest to submit a finished and polished picture book manuscript at this website: http://www.michelle4laughs.com/2019/02/picture-book-party-2019.html

Ah, a deadline! Just what I need. So yesterday I started polishing one of my drafts. I went back through my notes from the critique group. Today I shared the story with my husband. I will be ready to submit it tomorrow, just in time to meet the deadline!