#SOL2021 Day 30

Today we met a friend and her mom for lunch at the restaurant I wrote about a short time ago. I was so excited to see and visit with her again so I wrote a haiku to honor our time.

Excitement stirring

Sharing local restaurant

With far away friends

#SOL2021 Day 24

I’m jumping on the bandwagon and trying to write this form of telling you who I am.

Depending on when you met me I might have been:

an only child, a 5 year old wanting to write in cursive, an egg gatherer, a hog waterer, a cotton picker, a cowgirl, a tomboy, a cousin, a big sister, a bike rider, a reluctant reader, a licensed driver, a factory worker, a wife, a home owner, a college student, a student of nature, a crafter, a teacher, a library board member, a writer, a farm owner, a researcher, a psychological examiner, a cross stitcher, a mom, a Halloween costume maker, a counselor, a reader, a researcher, a speaker, a lifelong learner, a professional development provider, a principal, a consultant, a college instructor, a bug collector, a stream team member, a painter, a quilt maker and a retired educator who works part time as a psych examiner.

I probably should try to revise this another day…..

#SOL2021 Day 23

Having received both COVID vaccinations makes feel less likely to contract the virus. I still wear a mask and use hand sanitizer when I go to work, get groceries or anytime I’m anywhere other people are around. We still avoid crowds, even family gatherings where we can’t be socially distant.

Today I heard about a couple perks that got us driving 50 miles.

1. Staples will laminate your vaccination record for free.

2. Krispy Kreme will give you a free donut if you show them your vaccination card, every day for the rest of the year!

Around 2 pm we decided had worked hard and felt that we deserved a treat.

We cleaned up and headed toward the nearest Krispy Kreme, 50 miles away.

When the clerk at Staples laminated our cards, I told her I was going to a Krispy Kreme to show them the card and get a free donut. She was amazed and said she might just do that later!

While in Staples I remembered I was out of note pads and purchased those.

On to Krispy Kreme. When we ordered in the drive through we told her we wanted to get our COVID donuts and she ask if we had our stickers. We said yes and proceeded to order a large coffee and two more donuts with chocolate icing.

At the window she ask to see the proof so we flashed her the newly laminated cards. We jokingly told her we’d be back tomorrow and she laughed. We said it was only 50 miles. She gave us our order and the 2 free donuts. She told us they were freshly made and boy were they! It melted in my mouth.

What a nice treat for doing something I desperately wanted.

#SOL2021 Day 18

When I was in high school at the end of the school year, we would write in each other’s yearbook. Sometimes I was embarrassed by the writing, other times I might find a sweet memory. One classmate wrote a poem that I never understood until more recently. I always remembered the poem and today it seems to fit how I feel about writing a SOL today:

Can’t think

Brain dumb

Inspiration won’t come

Ink poor pen

I forgotten the last line but this is how my brain feels currently.

#SOL2021 Day 17

I have a feral cat who took up residence at my house during this bad winter.

Early on he wanted to walk between my feet so I tried to pet his ear and he bit my finger.

He left but came back a few days later mewing and walking with a hurt paw. I felt sorry for him and got him some food.

He comes and leaves on his own. He stays in the old dog house and that’s where I feed him.

Another day I was getting him some food, I didn’t set him down quickly enough because when I placed the dish of food in front of him he bit me again. He really bit hard on my knuckles.

Oh, I’m not a cat person and this guy was making it harder to like him.

Now when I feel him I quickly drop the dish. He wants to get close but I’m not taking any more chances.

I’ve caught him curled up on my patio cushions. I don’t like that but our weather is not good enough for me to be out there so I let him recline on my cushions.

I’m going to put a stop to this soon.

#SOL2021 Day 16

I’m struggling with what to wear

yoga pants are not acceptable in public

regular jeans won’t do

too old for my kind of jeans

faded, fitted and body hugging

loose fitting pants make me look frumpy

what should an old lady do?

#SOL2021 Day 15

I tried writing a 6 word story today. And challenged my critique group. They are always so encouraging to me.

Growing older changes aches, time slows.

…I’m having more aches than usual and it was on my mind…

Aging changes things, new life purpose.

…thinking about how retirement turns you around…

Writing stories to entertain and educate.

…finally, one that explains what I’m trying now…