Here's To Writing

I recently read an article I found on Medium, How to Be Successful At Writing by Kris Gage.

Her blunt essay is just what I need to refocus my writing efforts. Write! She cites several great resouces to back up her directive.

I’ve wanted to write forever. I’ve written for educational purposes and want to learn to write more creatively. For a time I wrote on a word tracking site, 750 words a day. I loved using that site because along with word count, it tracked writing mood and writing time. I wrote about my childhood and printed my essays, but eventually I stopped using it daily. I only return on a rare occasion.

I joined a community for authors: Socitey of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. I joined writing communities. One community, Storyteller Academy offers valuable trainings, opportunities to write and a critique group. I love my critique group, however, I often compare myself to the others in my group and of course I come up short. They seem to write with such a depth of knowledge about what is required to write with resolve. Here’s to 2020, to noticing and writing about what is happening around me.

Gage mentioned that we must unlearn our fear of needing to be liked. I think a fear of what others will think has kept me from writing. So here is to 2020, to valuing myself, my unique voice and perspective.

Here’s to 2020, to doing my craft, to writing!