Slice of Life 2020 Day 30

Thanks goes to Raivenne-lations, I borrowed the idea from her post:

The ABCs of Me

Age- 68, tho I often think I’m younger

Broadway – I’ve never been to a Broadway show, or NY City. See F

Cats – 0 now, but I once became the mother for 6 kittens. Such relief when they finally started eating on their own!

Dogs – 0 now, lost our precious Golden in November & she is with us always. Lots of great memories.

Essential start of my day – exercise then coffee. I will work for coffee!

Fabulous Fox Theater – I’ve seen shows at the Fox in St. Louis: Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserable, Nutcracker Ballet…

Grossest thing youve eaten – Rocky Mountain Oysters before I knew what they were.

Height – 5’2”

Instruments you played – I took lessons for guitar and piano as an adult. Once I was 1 of three teachers and the principal as we played our guitars in front of the whole elementary school

Job Title – currently Psychological Examiner

Kids – 1 adopted ( and I was adopted)

Longest relationship – 50 years with my best friend/husband.

Most favorite movie – True Grit, the old version & the one with Robert Redford & Paul Newman (I forget the name)

Night owl- not normally but during this pandemic I stay up late most every night. It was 3 am when I went to bed last week.

Overnight hospital stays – never, only one night in the ER and one day as an outpatient during a discectemy.

Pet peeve – social media posts that brag

Quiet time activity – reading, writing, drawing, word puzzles, solitaire

Right or left handed – left

Siblings – 3 sisters, 1 brother. I’m the oldest

Top 5 desserts – pecan pie, German chocolate cake, cheese cake, blackberry cobbler, & homemade fudge

University– Southeast Missouri State, University of Missouri – Columbia

Vacation – beach trips, Yosemite, Dinosaur National Park, Steamboat Springs, Badlands, Belize, Saguaro National Park…

Worship – My grandma always took me to church with her. She wasn’t particular about the denomination, just that they had worship services. I’ve followed her lead.

X-box – nope

Yard – we mow 2 acres, have sheds, trees, a pond and bush hog 30+.

Zodiac sign – Capricorn ( Earth, Saturn)

And that’s a wrap!

Slice of Life 2020 Day 29 picking up sticks

An afternoon to pick up sticks

Not the plastic kind in a tube

The ones under huge oak trees

That fell from too many windy days and nights.

It’s preparation for the time to begin mowing

Hopefully tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain tonight.

Then the yard will look presentable to passers by.

Neighbors honk at us as they head to the grocery store

We straighten up and wave at them.

That’s as close as we can get.

I wished for someone to turn in our drive.

But with social distancing it won’t happen.

Tomorrow maybe we can burn the sticks.

Or burn then in the fire pit in the evening.

And have a night out!

Slice of Life 2020 Day 25

Writing today is quite an uphill challenge. Here it is 10:30 at my house as I write this. Reading other posts inspired me as always and give me the feeling that we are in this together. I’m thankful for this daily challenge because it offers me a way to connect with so many people.

Then today connections with family and friends were plentiful. I realize that today was a day of connections for me.

Mid morning, I checked my email to find a missive from a friend I had not heard from in several months. It was so sweet. She sought me up with her life and family then told me she was reminded of me because she was enrolling in a class on Coursera. She remembered how much I enjoyed learning new things. I learned so much from her, she is a great teacher.

Around lunch I received a text from a cousin who was checking on us. It was sweet. We never text so it was a nice surprise.

I called my sister to check on her. She had 62 children at her daycare today. And she seemed calm. She said they take temperatures as soon as the kids arrive, they disinfect tables and toys during the day and at the end of the day. She had three teachers who did not feel comfortable coming to work so she hired a couple new teachers and she was teaching a class. It’s a catch 22, parents depend on the school. Yet it’s difficult to separate that many children. The teachers did keep their groups of 10 or less apart from the others. I sure hope they are overly cautious.

After lunch another cousin texted me to find if we could talk. I called her and we commiserated our similar situation of trying to shelter in place even though we are over 1000 miles apart.

Our son called to check on us. I sure miss getting to see him and his wife, but they have been sick and working from home. They bought house and are trying to move.

I’m thankful for all these connections. They make my day pass quickly.

Slice of Life 2020 Day 24 An Etheree


Lisa inspired me by her post at Literacy on the Mind to attempt to write an etheree. I had forgotten about this kind of structure. The poem has 10 lines, beginning with one syllable and adding a syllable to each line as the poem progresses.


In the breeze

From the Ocean

As the tide rushes

People enjoy carefree

Relaxation on the beach

Playing games, collecting seashells

Distant worries return to restful minds