#Slice Of Life 2019 Day 17

Ode to Irish Ancestry

My grandpa always said we were Scotch- Irish.

A cousin questioned, What’s that mean?

I used my go-to information site, Wikipedia

The term is mostly used in the US, not England, Ireland, or Scotland

To describe not necessarily those with Scottish ancestry

To describe migrants who settled in the Appalachian region in the late 1700s

To distinguish from Irish who immigrated after the Great Irish Famine

That is crazy!

I used my go-to ancestry site, Ancestry

My ethnicity estimate is 37% Ireland, Scotland & Wales.

My ancestors did settle in the Appalachian area.

I’m fairly certain

My 9th great grandfather was born in Donegal, Ireland

My 8th great grandfather was born in Dundee, Scotland

My 7th great grandfather was born in Limavady, Northern Ireland

My 6th great grandfather was born in Derry, Ulster, Ireland

I am actually Scotch-Irish!

13 thoughts on “#Slice Of Life 2019 Day 17

  1. I find it interesting to look at ancestry. My brother-in-law did a binder of information for us for Christmas one year and found I have royal heritage from Ireland. Go figure! But my ancestors have been in the US for a long time. He told me he was hard pressed to find a boat.

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  2. I have never checked my ancestry. All I know is what my grandparents on my father’s side told me. My wife (maiden name Elliott) couldn’t be more Irish.


  3. Wow, that’s neat that you’ve tracked your ancestor’s back that many generations. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. My mom’s red hair and feisty temper is all the proof I need for my Irish roots. haha


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