Slice of Life Day 13


I was inspired by another slicer, The Apples in my Orchard who wrote about superstitions on this unlucky day, Friday 13th. As I read through her slice, I was thinking that I’m not superstitious. Throughout the day, however, I’ve thought about friends who have casually mentioned things they don’t do and I don’t question their beliefs. Maybe I am a bit superstitious.

My mother-in-law would never give someone a purse or wallet without putting money inside. As a kid, getting money is a cool thing so I adopted that practice when I give a purse or wallet as a gift.

My husband’s Grandfather gave me a buckeye to carry for good luck. I carried it all through college and quickly graduated so it must have brought me good luck..

I do not test fate. I’ll pick up a penny if I see one.

I often think of the childhood saying, Step on a crack, break your mother’s back, so I can’t step on a crack.

Just last week my friend said for a Christmas gift, her daughter-in-law wanted a set of knives and she wasn’t comfortable giving knives so she charged her $.50 for the knives. I’d never heard that superstitious belief before.

My house has three entrances but many people make sure they go out the same door in which they entered. Something about bad luck.

Those little superstitious beliefs have a way of slipping into our lives every day.

Do you have superstitions, or know someone who does?


4 thoughts on “Slice of Life Day 13

  1. When we go to a hockey game- there is a certain point on the way there that the parking pass must be on the rearview mirror and my husbands hat must be turned backwards at the starting face off of every period. Otherwise there is no chance we will win:) We also walk the same path to our seats.
    And I do not walk under ladders. Other than that I’m clean…now if you want to talk quirks that’s a whole new ballgame:)!

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