#SOL2019 Day 30

Wow! I actually have posted thirty days of a little slice of my life! I’m not sure I have achieved this in all the years prior.

One difference is the technology that’s available to me. Oh, don’t get me wrong I still live in a rural area where there is no access to the latest and best Wi-Fi. I’d have to drive at least 25 miles to access that kind of luxury. But my current internet is a step ahead of dial up or what I’ve used in the past.

Another difference might stem from being comfortable with sharing my writing. That’s because others have written kind and supportive comments on my posts.

One more reason I’ve tried to complete this challenge is the connections I make with other writers. Through sharing our writing we find we are not so different. It’s refreshing to read a slice written by someone who lives far away, in a different culture, or is a different race or has different religious beliefs. In this way we are beginning a diverse community of writers.

8 thoughts on “#SOL2019 Day 30

  1. I love your reflections and I feel so similarly – SOLSC is such a beautiful community of writers; I love reading the different posts, and think of them as “windows” into other worlds. Congrats on technology being on your side this challenge! Yay! We did it!!

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  2. Congratulations on a successful slicing March. Reaching 30 straight slices is a major accomplishment.
    I think you’re right about having working and efficient technology.
    Having the ability to post on multiple devices really helps with the daily grind of slicing. It’s been fun slicing with you this month. I hope to see you on tuesdays this year.


  3. Congratulations completing this year’s SOL challenge (with one more day). I agree with you when you wrote about the value of participating and making connections with people around the world. 🙂


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