In the morning compared with in the evening.

A comment from a Slice of a Life post found as I read Reflections on the Teche provided me with this idea for a slice.

In the morning I’m moving slowly.

In the evening I’m moving quickly.

In the morning I drink coffee to get going.

In the evening I drink iced tea to cool off.

In the morning it’s warm and sunny.

In the evening it’s breezy and cloudy.

In the morning laundry requires my attention.

In the evening dinner dishes require my attention.

In the morning in the morning I make time to clean.

In the evening I make time to paint.

In the morning I watch a training video.

In the evening I reflect the learning.

In the morning I make adjustments to my daily plan.

In the evening I plan for the next day.

In the morning I check on the wildlife to see what’s around.

In the evening I checked on the property and spied apple blossoms.


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