#SOL2021 Day 12

We have a huge motor home for sale.

Back story – Several years ago my husband went to an auction with his dad. His dad, a retired truck driver, took extended trips with his motor home. He knew the motor home being auctioned was good quality and encouraged my husband to buy it. After being high bidder, my husband had his dad drive it home.

My husband would practice driving it up and down our long driveway, but he was uncomfortable about taking a trip. He reviewed the thick manuals at night after work. Finally he backed it in the shed and stored it in there.

After my husband retired we looked at shorter motor homes (25 feet). I didn’t want to buy a second one til we could sell the first one. We didn’t try very hard to sell it, only telling a few friends.

Currently – I finally decided to list it on an RV site. I took pictures and gathered all the details so I could write an advertisement.

I had a couple people tell me the price was too high, I ignored them. Finally an 82 year old lady called me about it. She was really interested in it because she had previously owned a similar one. She can’t come to look at it til mid March. I told her I would not sell it before she could check it out. My husband is concerned about selling it to her because… well you know, she is old, she doesn’t need to be driving it on her own…

This week a friend brought one of his friends to look at it. This guy is a retired truck driver. He is very comfortable driving a 38 ft. bus. They really liked it.

Future – We need to wait til the first lady can see it because I told her we would wait for her before we sold it.

Back to where we started!

3 thoughts on “#SOL2021 Day 12

  1. Oh no. Hopefully the retired truck driver will still be interested if the lady is not. That’s very honorable of you to wait. Fingers crossed that you’ll have a buyer one way or another. 🙂


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