#SOL 2019 Day 12 Imagine

I was inspired by two other slicers who wrote to imagine what their mothers might be doing today.

You can read one at this link.https://lannyball.com/2019/03/11/solsc-day-11-sol19/

And another: Jaana writes


My mother would be sitting at the kitchen table sipping her morning coffee.

My mother would be talking with her mom, checking on her.

My mother would be planning her day, it might involve cleaning a part of the house, reading, running an errand for dad, sewing clothes for us, or for my sisters’ Barbie dolls.

My mother would be preparing the noon meal to simmer so everyone would have a hot meal when they came in from working in the field.

In the evening, my mother would be unwrapping her birthday gifts from her children and celebrating another year with her family.


4 thoughts on “#SOL 2019 Day 12 Imagine

  1. Thank you so much for the acknowledgement, Patricia. Your mother sounds like such a supportive staple in your family, a kind and generous person. Thank you for sharing some of what her life might be like today with all of us.

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